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XY Mobile Application
The Total Integrated Solution
About XY Mobility

XY Mobility takes you to the next level of visibility, allowing every step of the journey to be tracked, actioned  and reported on. Our XY Mobile App is customisable to meet your unique business requirements.

Let XY Mobility change your business at a click of button!

Get ahead, by moving into a paperless environment today. Automate your clients communication and billing and reduce admin time and costs, moving into an exciting new digital world.

Driver Application

Simplifying the way your driver’s operate is key to creating an efficient distribution process and your fully customised version of the XY mobile app allows your driver to maximise his efficiency as he interacts in real time with the Customer and Operations . Everything he does throughout the day is actionable through the mobile application, reducing time wasting tasks by automating data capturing, providing clear concise communication and direct incident alerts. The result: drive efficiencies up and costs down.

Customer Interaction

XY Mobility takes your customer experience to the next level! With a seamless flow of real-time information from the driver feeding instantly to your customers mobile device, your customers know exactly the current status of their delivery. By maximising your customer’s visibility you will enhance their satisfaction. Happy customers mean more business.

Operational Control Room

XY Mobility seamlessly tracks the present, guided by the past and constantly predicting the future. Valuable data gathered in the servicing process is centralised and reported on, creating an environment where future decision making is driven by intelligent data. XY Mobility gives the operating room the power to manage on exception, with automated incident and on-time tracking, your business can make real time decisions to get the most out of your resources.