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What XY Locate can do for you

XY Locate helps businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience through real-time tracking, route optimization, automation, and analytics.

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Move with XY Locate

XY Locate is a global SaaS platform for managing and optimizing logistics operations. Our platform includes solutions for last-mile delivery, field service management, transportation management, and supply chain visibility.

Deliver Beyond Expectations with Our Next-Generation Technology

Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with XY Locate's advanced technology, offering streamlined operations and seamless integration through a developer-friendly API. For enterprise solutions, XY Locate stands out with top-tier APIs, unmatched reliability, and comprehensive global support.

Streamline operations

Optimize your operations by streamlining your delivery process using advanced technology such as route optimization, AI-based dispatch, real-time tracking, and comprehensive analytics to achieve faster delivery times and better results.

Customer Satisfaction

With automatic SMS notifications, precise ETAs, live driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, and feedback collection tools, every delivery is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience for customers.


Easily integrate your website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP, or inventory management system with our API, designed with developers in mind for a seamless connection.

Enterprise Solution

XY Locate is the top choice for enterprise businesses with its best-in-class APIs, unmatched reliability, stability, and security, comprehensive support, and worldwide accessibility.

smarter. faster. better.

The XY Products

The XY products are tailored to help businesses improve. From execution strategies, route optimization, scheduling, and more, all the way through to AI and Big Data Analytics. With XY you will improve the overall delivery experience for your customers and drivers.


Refine your operational execution with XY Locate, enhancing strategies and delivery workflows for optimal efficiency and results

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Route Optimisation

Elevate your delivery efficiency with XY Locate's route optimization, ensuring streamlined and cost-effective transportation strategies tailored to your business needs.

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Efficiently manage and organize your logistics operations with XY Locate's advanced scheduling solutions, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and timely deliveries

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Real Time Tracking

Stay in control and enhance transparency throughout your delivery process with XY Locate's real-time tracking, providing instant visibility into the movement of your shipments for a seamless and responsive experience

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Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience with XY Locate, offering features like automatic SMS notifications, live driver tracking, and feedback tools, ensuring every delivery is a delightful and satisfying experience for your customers

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Automation and Big Data

Experience unparalleled efficiency and insights through XY Locate's automation and Big Data analytics, leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate tasks and extract valuable data for informed decision-making in your logistics operations

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