Artificial Intelligence

The XY Solution has adopted AI to better enhance the delivery process.

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AI Automation

With our advanced AI engine, XY Locate can analyze images in real-time and automatically adjust settings to produce better-quality photos and videos for proof of delivery. This powerful feature ensures that photos and videos captured for proof of delivery are of superior quality. By leveraging AI technology, businesses can effortlessly produce high-quality media that accurately represents the delivery process, providing reliable proof and enhancing overall documentation.


Reduction in planning time


Increase in on-time delivery rates

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How AI can help your business

Improved image recognition

Our AI can be used to analyse images and recognize objects, people, and other details within them.

Package tracking

By using our AI to recognize package labels and other identifying features, couriers can track packages more accurately and efficiently. This can help reduce errors and improve delivery times.

Security and fraud prevention

Our AI can be used to recognize suspicious packages or activity, helping to prevent theft, fraud, and other security breaches.

Sorting and routing

Our AI can be used to sort and route packages more efficiently based on their destination, size, and other factors. This can help improve delivery times and reduce costs.

Quality control

Our AI can be used to recognize damaged or defective packages, ensuring that they are not delivered to customers. This can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

Improved customer experience

By using AI to recognize customer preferences and behaviour, couriers can provide more personalized and efficient service. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Expected annual growth rate of AI in logistics


Expected percentage of warehouses that will implement some form of AI automation


Expected reduction in supply chain operational costs when implementing AI