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What is First Mile Delivery?

First mile delivery refers to the initial stage in the supply chain where goods are transported from a merchant’s premises or warehouse to the next location where they are stored and distributed. The specifics of first mile delivery can vary depending on the type of supply chain and business.

Leveraging Technology

How can this help your company?

Retailer Perspective: For a retailer, first mile delivery might involve shipping goods from a local distribution center or storefronts to a regional warehouse.

Logistics Companies: In the case of logistics companies, first mile delivery could mean picking up goods from a merchant.

In the context of eCommerce, first mile delivery typically involves picking up products from a merchant and then passing them to a third-party logistics or courier service for final delivery to the end-user (the buyer).


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Retail Fulfilment

Importance of First Mile Logistics

The first mile is a critical phase that significantly influences how a company manages retail fulfillment. Here’s why it matters:

Cost Efficiency: Optimizing first mile delivery can lead to cost savings. If a business pays too much in shipping costs during this stage, it can impact profit margins downstream.

Customer Experience: A smooth first mile experience sets the tone for the entire delivery process. Efficient handling at this stage contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

Speed: Streamlining the first mile ensures faster movement of goods from the merchant to the next distribution point, reducing overall delivery times.
Tactics to Optimize First Mile Delivery Processes
To enhance first mile logistics, consider the following tactics:

Optimizing the first mile can have a ripple effect on the entire supply chain

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