Our CEO and Shareholder Barry Colman – “Redefining operational and workforce decision making”

Headquartered in Buckinghamshire UK, XY Locate is driven by the simple yet powerful mission of redefining operational and workforce decisions for fleet managers. XY Locate believes in making the invisible visible by allowing dynamic provisioning based on real-time data. “Our Planning and Mobility software heritage goes back more than 20 Years, where our initial focus was helping companies make intelligent operational decisions using location and GPS data.

We have developed a suite of mobility products for various industry verticals, and have recently rebranded and relaunched as XY Locate in 2019” says Barry Colman, CEO, XY Locate.

Today, XY Locate’s extensive experience in driving mobility solutions, combined with formidable cloud technologies, has taken its solutions to the next level. “Our “XY Locate Cloud Based SaaS Platform” provides real time, deep insights into key business processes and functions, driving efficiencies and cost optimization,” Colman mentions.

The XY platform is more than just a track and trace product—it’s an end-to end visibility solution, with the ability to track, manage and monitor any asset in any environment in real-time. XY doesn’t just focus on the final mile; it covers the whole journey, from planning to execution backed by analytics.

XY Locate’s growth is driven by offering a flexible, robust solution that can be fully operational and customizable whilst being built to rapidly scale. “We move quickly as logistics environments today are complex and fast moving. Our planning, optimizing and executing of tasks in the field has helped transform the final mile,” mentions Colman. “We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy, so any coordinates added to the XY System will have an accuracy to the nearest 2-3 meters, and supported by our address cleansing functionality, we can ensure unrivalled delivery success rates!”

Furthermore, XY Locate provides realtime dashboards and reporting tools that are essential to ensure that assets are optimized, and efficiencies are met and monitored.

In addition, XY Locate provides “Planned vs. Actual” reporting, which is a powerful management tool to look back and review success rates. The system API’s are fully documented so that customers can seamlessly move data between systems, which again is a huge benefit to addressing complexities within their logistics environment.

“The XY Locate system architecture allows us to finely tune and customize our system and ensure the solution is a 100 percent fit for our customer’s needs.

We have an “off the shelf offering” with Enterprise Features as a standard, but our strengths truly lie in ensuring a customer is getting all the finer details and requirements to fulfill their business needs,” says Colman.

What keeps XY Locate a notch above the rest is its flexibility, knowledge and elicitation. With these three USPs forged with dedicated support, continuous improvement and development, the company sees itself as an extension to a customer’s IT Department as opposed to a supplier. “Our Cloud Based SaaS

Platform is ever evolving, and we consider ourselves at the forefront of technology. Our industry vertical expands beyond logistics, where we are using our flexible XY Mobility Platform to deliver solutions based around IOT Devices,” informs Colman. “We are actively working on projects such as providing real time updates on waste levels within a refuse container, to the exact location of seaweed beds for ocean farming. This is an exciting time for XY Locate as we expand our European presence”.