8 Ways to reduce your Workforce Operating Costs

With last mile success being 40% of the cost of a worker in the field, it’s more important now than ever to ensure first time delivery, inspection and visit rates!

8 Simple Ways XY Locate can help optimise your workforce operating costs include:

Route Optimisation

XY Locate leverages the best in breed route optimisation partners such as PTV Group (www.ptvgroup.com) and HERE Technologies (https://www.here.com/). These vendors allow us to reduce field operating costs by up to 21% by producing the most efficient route and sequence for field jobs. This is turn is significantly reduces the amount of travel and fuel consumed completing field workforce tasks. It’s better for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. This improved efficiency means field workers can complete more jobs having saved time on travel and planning. Route optimisation is a digital process, so takes away the headache of manual planning!

Digital Processes

By making your processes digital, you are creating a digital audit trail in our platform which we store in Microsoft Azure (https://azure.microsoft.com/) for 15 Years. There is no more paper. Field workforce inspections and deliveries and completed via our mobile app and synchronise almost immediately with our Cloud Web Platform. You no longer need to purchase, store and maintain paper documents. These digital documents are instant and available whenever to you and your customers!

Digital Automation

Our System has open API Documentation, simply meaning, we can connect data flows between your existing systems. We can configure our API connectivity to seamlessly pull your data into our system for execution in the field at the click of a button. Not only that, our route optimisation takes between 10-15 seconds to run, so you are taking hours out of manual route planning by simply clicking another button! All tasks are digitally sent down to our mobile device automatically so field workers cannot deviate from the tasks at hand and must answer the flow of questions prompted within the app. You can customise these data capturing questions making steps mandatory where necessary. The app automatically pushes data back and forth between our web platform to ensure you have real time data at your fingertips.

Real time visibility

Our system provides a real time location of your employee within the dashboard. We update this location every 30 seconds, so you know exactly where your field worker is as well as know when they started, how far they’ve travelled and how long they’ve got left to travel in their day! By having this real time visibility, you can check they are a following the optimised route and sequence as well as being able to provide real time ETA’s to customers expecting your field worker.


We don’t claim to be navigation experts, so we pass the data over to Google Maps (https://www.google.co.uk/maps). This way, your field worker is getting the most accurate travel directions to their destination. This will help avoid traffic and congestion to ensure your ETA’s are met as well as providing the field worker visibility of their journey ahead within an app they are familiar with.

Enhanced Customer Visibility

Our platform has the ability to send tracking links, be it email or SMS messages. These customised messaging options allow customers to get real time visibility of their field worker along with an automatically updating ETA. This helps ensure that the end user contact is going to be at the site for the visit / delivery. It also reduces the impact on your support desk as the customer is able to track the visibility without needing to call in or bug you to their whereabouts!

Co-ordinate Accuracy

Making the visit, inspection or delivery first time is essential to help reduce costs and repeat visits. Our Co-ordinates are based around typical XY Co-ordinates as well as incorporating new services such as what3words (https://what3words.com/). We show a variance in any field workforce tasks to ensure you have visibility of where transactions are actually taking place. Improving accuracy is king in a world where first time success is a must! Our system has self cleansing co-ordinates too! Any tasks completed on a regular occurrence outside of the stored system co-ordinates will result in them being updated in our database automatically to the actual location the transactions have been taking place!


Digital notifications to customer, field workers and operation managers mean nobody in the cycle misses a beat. Real time visibility, rejected tasks, unsuccessful deliveries, tracking links and SMS ETA windows means everyone is kept in the loop meaning there is no surprises or delays.

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